Sunday, February 06, 2011

                    This book narrates a true life story of 36 year old Kathleen Flinn who pursues her long cherished dream.  Kathleen when laid off from her high profile corporate job decides to pack bags and move to Paris - reason being a degree at the well renowned Le Cordon Bleu.
                    The story unfurls in a quaint manner a diary entry with a mouth watering recipe to complement its conclusion. Each chapter talks about Kathleen's trials and triumphs at Le Cordon bleu. The friends she makes, the chefs  she needs to deal with and  the perfection that is expected all form a part and parcel of her life at Cordon Bleu.

                    I have always been a great fan of anything French - language , the country , the food , the fondue and what not. After recently watching the movie 'Julie and Julia' i was very inspired to try my hands at french cooking. After reading this book I am convinced that I should atleast enrol for a Basic Patteserie course in Le Cordon Bleu (maybe when I am 36!!)
                   Jokes apart this book is a good read. It could get a little boring at parts due to its monotony . However for anyone who wants insights into the Frencg chef's way of life you could grab this book.

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  1. Divya said...
    preeths you should read this book da - why french women don't get fat. I have heard its a total non-diet book and has some awesome recipes too.. u ve inspired me to try some french cooking now :)

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