Sunday, December 25, 2005

40 things i miss doing in SVCE

hmm...well vani told me " enough u rambled about christmas celebrations in church park ...write something about college " ...and hey thats what i am doing now!!
Well 40 things is definitely not the apt title coz given the time i could make it 400 things i miss abt SVCE ( well i am not exaggerating and 400 is not a hyperbole!!)
okie here it goes:
1. Boarding bus No 47 and having these awesome conversations with kanchana, vani n deepa
and not running out of things to talk or gossip inspite of travelling together for 3 hrs each day!!
2. Entering B batch classroom each morning and finding lot of small gangs havin their own fun
and yet feeling so much at home jus to see everyone around!
3. Eating during classes and tea break and realising that there is no food left for lunch!!
4. Doing lab sessions with Ramya and Yd and spend 2 hours ragging each other,then
realising tht we are clueless about whats happening in the lab and of course promptly
running to johny's place to ask him 'weird' doubts
5. Fighting for fan in the Unix Lab and devising schemes to drag it to our bay
6. Hogging Ramya's pudina rice, suganya's idly, dd's pulao ,manju's sandwich and then having
discussions about how boys have 'huge' appetites!! lol...wht an irony
7. Planning study timetable with Dd before every Cat and every sem exam and taking false
oaths tht from next sem we would be more efficient and not cram things in the last minute!!
8. Calling Ramya 'Teresa' and telling her to stop calling every tom, dick and harry 'sweet'!!
9. Meeting up at Dd's place declaring to do combined studies and end up talking about movies,
hunks, crushes and the likes and of course being blank in the next day's test!
10. Having marathon phone conversations with all my buddies from class and make my mom
wonder if my mouth would ever cease to talk!!
11. Doing observation and record work in the bus and feeling proud that our handwriting still
looks major inspite of scrawling something in the bus!!
12. Studying together for Cat tests and realising that question banks were no substitution for the question paper itself and so ragging profs to leak out jus 4 two mark question and the
compulsary essay!!( well tht was the entire Cat question ppr!!)
13. Sitting in Padma priya's class and laughing at her choice of words and also appreciating her
dressing sense(??)..well not to forget her shoes!!
14. Asking for OD s to attend every other college's symposium and always claim to have
paricipated in the 'Debugging' competition!! (when actually we wud have conveniently
settled in satyam to catch a movie)
15. Getting teased royally about the fact that Evam Kartik is committed !!(well now he is
16. Yd and I taking turns and sometimes ganging up to rag johny and promising to hold GD s
and PI s for socially relevant causes!! (lol....johny hope u reading this!)
17. Having a million bets with Adi about my 'bravery' and losing all those bets!
18. Spending days planning surprise birthday parties for everyone and takin care to see that
they dont get any clues about whats in store!
19. Fighting with A batch students claiming that B batch rocks and at the end of the day
reaching a compromise saying "CSE Unity rocks" ...he he
20. Ragging muthuraman sir to the maximum possible extent and yet going to his house to visit
his kid the day tsunami hit chennai!!! (Ohmigosh we really did tht!)
21. Getting tensed before Sivaselvan's OOP s classes and preparing in advance in order to avoid
hearing the phrase "The Faculty is not pleased"
22. Joining T. Srinivasan 's 'elite' group of project students and realing what a 'veti' he is.
23. Spending hours cracking T. Srinivasan jokes about 'positive motivation' and 'international
conferences' and of coz not to forget his 'house visits'
24. Doing project with Vani and Manju and spending more time deciding where to go for lunch
than planning what to do for the project!
25. Making chocolate fudge and swelling with pride when everyone claimed it was the best ever
made fudge! :-)
26. Sitting in the canteen and sharing 1 puff and 1 coke between 10 people and yet feeling so
27. Trying to get out-pass by cooking up awesome stories like "Divya M has to sing in the
temple for which we are the audience" ,"my brother is getting engaged this
evening" (lol)," I need to go to some xyz company to discuss about my project"(yeah
right....wud tht company be satyam theatre?)
28. Having these major Cse outings and basically loads of fun!!
29. Causing endless confusion about whether to have the farewell in a beach house or in a Hotel
and taking umpteen number of polls to reach a consensus!
30. Knowing each other's login and password in the lab in order to make copying of programs
31. Playing Dumb c and antakshari during TQM classes and yet quickly copying down notes
when Mari calls for a note buk check!
32. Having spirutual conversations with Anupama and feeling so blessed at the end of it!!
33. Visiting a 'horticultural farm' as a part of an Industrial Visit( Wht on earth were CS students
doing in a farm?)
34. Screaming for free hour during every other class, even during Nedunchezhian's class when
it was already a fre hour!
35. Meeting up at 4 in the bus stand and catching up with everyone on that day's events
36. Sitting in 'php lab' and getting bugged whenever Satish asked "where are your
37. Burning IC s in Electronics lab and trying to fan away the smoke and also trying to look
innocent so tht another group gets caught
38. Using the same PPT for all three reviews only with minor modifications in each!
39. Consoling people who suffered anna univ's erratic paper corrections and also getting consoled when u went thru it!
40. Finally Jus being able to be yourself!

Well like I said 40 is jus not enough but i just cant go on!its been 7 months since college got over and when I think of any of these incidents it always brings back fond memories! At the end of the day it doesnt matter what grade you got or how well or horribly you performed in class....all that matters are these small things that bring a smile to our face and making friends and yeah making them for LIFE!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

My first blog!!

yippe....finally started my own blog!! Well thanks to wipro's 'flexi' timings and total 'vettiness' and 'ramya's inspiration' (ok ok will cut the the oscar acceptance speech) tht i am compelled to start the blog!!
Will start updating it with anything tht appeals to ME and caution no one is allowed to call any of my posts MOKKAI!! lol


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