Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2 states is a book that does not even need a review since anything that Chetan Bhagat writes sells. In all the book stores ,this book is already on the best-sellers shelf and while waiting in the billing queue , I probably saw every person having this book in hand.

The story is simple ,straight forward and middle-class like which would immediately appeal to any youth in India. It revolves around Krish and Ananya who come from backgrounds that are poles apart and decide to marry. The story is typically about how in India , you don't just marry the person..you also marry the family. So the author describes the turmoils and frustrations that go into getting the parents' consent.
Krish, a Punjabi guy with a brash mom who can't think of anything but calory laden food and the "worth" of her son is scandalized when she hears that her son has fallen in love with Ananya. On the other hand Ananya hails from an orthodox Tamil family whose outlook is traditional to the T. The various plots,schemes and adjustments that the two of them make in order to get the families to accept them is quite amusing.
The plot is centred around Ahmedabad,Delhi and Chennai. Being a true blue Chennaiite I felt that Chetan Bhagat had exaggerated and ridiculed many traits of the Tamilians. Initially i found myself nodding in amusement, however there was an overdose of it. For instance he ridiculed the fact that people ate out of banana leaves and kept inquiring if the leaf also should be eaten. I felt he was being to petty despite being an IIT/IIM grad. :)
Altogether this book is a total breezy read. A story so central to many of our lives and reactions so typical of our parents'.I am not a great fan of Chetan Bhagat, however this book is way better than his recent ones like 3 mistakes of my life and one night at a call centre.


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